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About Harumanis


    Harumanis is one of the most delicious breeds of mango in the world. Its sweet flavor and fragrant smell makes it a highly sought after delicacy, both nationwide and globally.

  • Harumanis is always in short supply due to the enormous demands it receives every year. The fact that it's only available from April to June annually makes it that much more exclusive.

  • There is only one place in the world which grows and supplies Harumanis to the national and global market, and that is the state of Perlis, Malaysia. It's one-of-a-kind blend of temperature and humidity makes it the perfect locality for Harumanis plantation.

  • As a delicacy, Harumanis can be enjoyed raw, or as a companion to the South East Asian version of sticky rice (pulut), as a juice, as an ice-blended drink, or as ice-cream. There is even a type of pasta made from Harumanis.


Our Guarantee

With UniMAP as the technology developer and UniMAPHSB as the project management consultant, our Harumanis Agrotechnology project establishes technology transfer between the university, the industry and the community in order to overcome natural and industrial challenges with one specific goal in mind: to produce the highly seasonal Harumanis mango all year round while maitaining top quality.

  • We only sell authentic Harumanis.
  • We obtain our Harumanis only from farms monitored by the State Agricultural Department.
  • We ensure that our Harumanis remain at the best quality during harvesting, packaging and shipping.
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